Troubleshooting Scenarios

apache bash csv disk volumes dns docker etcd gunicorn haproxy java json kubernetes mysql nginx postgres rabbitmq sql ssh ssl supervisord
realistic / interviews unusual / tricky pro


# Name Time Type
1 "Saint John": what is writing to this log file? 10 m Fix No Registration
2 "Saskatoon": counting IPs. 15 m Do
3 "Santiago": Find the secret combination 15 m Do
4 "The Command Line Murders" 20 m Do No Registration
5 "Taipei": Come a-knocking 15 m Hack
6 "Resumable Server": Linux Upskill Challenge 30 m Do
7 "Lhasa": Easy Math 15 m Do
8 "Bucharest": Connecting to Postgres 10 m Fix
9 "Bilbao": Basic Kubernetes Problems 10 m Fix
10 "Apia": Needle in a Haystack 20 m Do Pro


# Name Time Type
11 "Manhattan": can't write data into database. 20 m Fix No Registration
12 "Tokyo": can't serve web file 15 m Fix
13 "Cape Town": Borked Nginx 15 m Fix
14 "Salta": Docker container won't start. 15 m Fix
15 "Venice": Am I in a container? 15 m Do
16 "Oaxaca": Close an Open File 15 m Fix
17 "Melbourne": WSGI with Gunicorn 20 m Fix
18 "Lisbon": etcd SSL cert troubles 20 m Fix
19 "Kihei": Surely Not Another Disk Space Scenario 30 m Fix
20 "Unimak Island": Fun with Mr Jason 15 m Do
21 "Ivujivik": Parlez-vous Français? 20 m Do
22 "Paris": Where is my webserver? 15 m Hack
23 "Buenos Aires": Kubernetes Pod Crashing 20 m Fix
24 "Tarifa": Between Two Seas 20 m Fix
25 "Marrakech": Word Histogram 20 m Do
26 "Rosario": Restore a MySQL database 15 m Fix
27 "Abaokoro": Restore MySQL Databases Spooked by a Ghost 20 m Fix Pro
28 "Poznań": Helm Chart Issue in Kubernetes 15 m Fix Pro
29 "Manado": How much do you press? 30 m Do Pro
30 "Warsaw": Prometheus can't scrape the webserver 30 m Fix Pro
31 "Moyogalpa": Security Snag. The Trials of Mary and John 30 m Fix
32 "Helsingør": The first walls of postgres physical replication 20 m Fix
33 "Bekasi": Supervisor is still around 20 m Fix
34 "Depok": Nginx with Brotli 15 m Fix Pro New
35 "Tukaani": XZ LZMA Library Compromised 15 m Fix Pro New


# Name Time Type
36 "Jakarta": it's always DNS. 20 m Fix No Registration
37 "Bern": Docker web container can't connect to db container. 20 m Fix
38 "Karakorum": WTFIT – What The Fun Is This? 20 m Fix Pro
39 "Singara": Docker and Kubernetes web app not working. 20 m Fix
40 "Hong-Kong": can't write data into database. 20 m Fix
41 "Pokhara": SSH and other sshenanigans 30 m Fix
42 "Roseau": Hack a Web Server 30 m Hack
43 "Belo-Horizonte": A Java Enigma 20 m Fix Pro
44 "Chennai": Pull a Rabbit from a Hat 30 m Fix Pro
45 "Monaco": Disappearing Trick 30 m Hack
46 "Florence": Database Migration Hell 30 m Fix Pro

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